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Hercegfalva-Mezőfalva will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its

founding in 2011.  Celebrations commemorating the milestone event will be held on April 9, 2011.


During the anniversary festivities we hope that today’s generations will gain a deeper understanding of the settlement’s history from founding to the present day community. The celebrations will feature the settlement’s multicultural roots and traditions. We will honour our two prominent founders, Archduke Joseph Palatine of Hungary and Dréta Antal abbot of the Cistercian Abbey of Zirc, highlighting their unique influence on the development of the community and its surroundings.


Our General Assembly, the community’s civil organizations and the Planning Committee encourages submission of any proposals that could enhance our celebrations, enabling us to consider the necessary financial goals.


For those whom the past, present, or future of Hercegfalva-Mezőfalva has importance, the Planning Committee invites individuals and communities worldwide who wish to join the celebrations, to inform us of your intention of participation to the contacts below.


The Planning Committee will post up-dates on the progress of preparations and the possibility of public cooperation on regular basis. We kindly ask you to inform your acquaintances and relatives of our initiative. We look forward to you joining us for a very memorable event.


On behalf of the Planning Committee,

Márok Csaba
Mail:      Polgarmesteri Hivatal,

2422 Mezőfalva, Kinizsi Pal utca 44., Hungary.



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